Why Train with Grande Sports?

We have taken the standard of personal and small group training to a higher level.  Giving you value in constant assessment of how you feel and how you are performing through the use of data is what is being used at the highest levels of sports performance.  We are bringing that access to YOU!

What is Game Matrix Training? Functional Training?

Our Game Matrix Training is what we have developed to track and monitor how effective players are in the game, based on their ability to perform the exact techniques and athletic movements that are required from their performances.  We have created values and developed drills that simulate the game so that we can monitor your physical and psychological responses, closing the transition between your training and how you apply it to the game.  HYPER REALISTIC! 

Functional training is the use of multiple training techniques and equipments to simulate the same movements, functions and work levels an athlete would experience in a game.  Our style of training is a direct application of this method, which has been used at the highest levels and various stages, from injury recovery/ prevention to game fitness.

Why Be a Member?

Grande Sports Training members share a wide range of benefits including the online Scoreboard to see training stats and data reports, exclusive videos from pro players and coaches for training tips, additional tutorials, discounted personal and group sessions, a training t- shirt and A DISCOUNT IN THE TEAM STORE.  Become a member, save money!

Will This Affect My Team Training?

We are not competitors with your current team.  In fact, we aim to enhance that team's mission.  Many players have private trainers that help them return to their team sessions even better, which then make the entire team better.  We even visit teams and conduct sessions that both players and coaches enjoy!

Where are you located?

We are currently based in Miami, Florida.  Our reach for personal and group sessions covers primarily Broward and Miami- Dade counties.  That being said, our online programs are available anywhere you can access a computer!

Want More Info?

Reach out to us and ask us if you have any questions regarding one of our programs, being a member, booking sessions, or needing help setting yourself up.  Who knows, you may see your questions on the FAQ page!