Our Philosophy

Grande Sports Training is a sports specific, performance training company dedicated to improving the players' skills and performance, through individualized training programs that put each player in situations that mimic exactly what they will experience in games.  We refer to our method as Game Matrix Training.

 Through the use of metrics and sports analytics software, our system shows you every phase of what we add to your game. With our measurement of your responses to your training, we remove the "gray area" in the value of extra training.  We have definite answers to these TWO IMPORTANT QUESTIONS:


 The only real variable is YOU. So we work to make sure YOU bring the "IT" FACTOR that coaches want!

Gone are the days where a player is drenched in sweat and simply “feels” like they have just had a good training session. We track and monitor:

  • Distance Covered
  • Max Speed
  • Movement Direction
  • Acceleration 
  • Power
  • Accuracy & Precision 
  • Recovery Time 
  • Critical Thinking
  • Workload Capacity 

We even track off-field data that affects performance:

  • Stress Management
  • Emotional Well- Being
  • Sleep Habits
  • Memory
  • Nutrition & Supplementation

Our soccer training programs are custom-made for you.

Private Training. Online Coaching. Real Results.

Our Methods


GAME MATRIX TRAINING - Game, level and position specific training for YOU, the player. Some say any training is better than no training.  Which is true just for the average player. But if you are going to take your game to the next level, training with purpose and learning about yourself and purpose within your team should always be the focus, until you pass your potential.  Perfect your strengths; develop your weaknesses.  Execute moves at pace so that you stand out from the crowd.  Your training environment should be made up of game situations.  You adapt much better when you train specifically for how you play the game.  The difference in your strength and conditioning, technical skills and mental ability are all specific to the way you personally play. Train smart.

“Numbers don’t lie.”  Many training programs look at results, maintain their processes, but micro- manage the player.  We take the approach of looking at the player and breaking down the processes; this is really how you get the most from a player.  We show you the difference.


Working through adversity is one of the major and critical components that define the success rate of an athlete.  It is much easier to execute at a fresh, unfatigued state.  Are you still able to execute when fatigued?  If not, how do you adapt?  Are you resilient enough to battle through the hardship?  We train these components to build confidence in your mental game to carry out your mission and your role to be the best for your team.  


Quality in – quality out: We have teamed up with some of the best “off- the- field” consultants and coaching organizations to fuel you properly.  Whether through meal plans, preparation help, mentoring, or general lifestyle advice that fosters positive results, we are a resource to players to aid in how you prepare for optimal performance.  The foods you eat, water and other fluid intake, and even how you spend social time away from the game all have an impact in the bigger picture: You as a person.  The personal perspective impacts the professional performance.  Not just how you play, but your personality, character and mannerisms.